NorCal Weekend Getaway

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Road Trip!!

My friend and I woke up extra early Friday morning around 6:30AM to avoid the dreaded LA traffic. As we had discovered that morning, it doesn’t matter how early you leave because this traffic is legitimately unavoidable. I didn’t mind it though because I wasn’t the one driving… ;) The car ride was spent talking about our lives, listening to throwback 2000s music (my favorite), and tuning into finance podcasts (not my favorite).

Five hours later we made it to our first stop: Chipotle(!!) in Gilroy, CA. We were trying to get into the practice of intermittent fasting so we had our first meal of the day around noon. As I have noticed, it’s not as difficult to fast when you have someone alongside you participating in it as well.

After we each devoured our own veggie bowls, we were headed on our way to Santa Cruz, CA. We stopped near the Santa Cruz pier but ended up walking the opposite way and found this charming little staircase that led down to the water. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the sign that said no dogs allowed, rude!

We took pictures, walked around a bit, then were back on the road on our way to a hiking destination called Castle Rock State Park. This hike was so refreshing. We were able to disappear from the clamorous streets for a short period of time to be on a path surrounded by trees & serenity.


Once we finished up our pleasant hike, we were en route to our Airbnb located right next to Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. We didn’t have much time to check out the place when we arrived because we had to quickly shower & get ready to meet his uncle for dinner at Il Fornaio.


The food was incredible. We ordered a veggie pizza & some fried calamari. After dinner, he gave me a little tour of Stanford’s little college town.

Around 8:00PM, we headed to his friend’s house in downtown San Francisco, CA. We all had a few drinks then decided to go check out the bars which were walking distance from his house. It was nice to experience but being the grandma that I am, I was ready for bed. Thankfully my friend was feeling the same way, so we left early, got some food, and crashed at the house while his friend was still out at the bars.

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Game day!!!

So our initial plan was to wake up early, get ready, and tailgate for this USC vs Stanford Football game. What we ended up doing instead: napped all day until the actual game. My type of Saturday.

We stopped at the golden gate bridge before we headed back to Palo Alto because of course we had to check it out while we were in San Francisco!! Tourists!! It was a chilly, cloudy morning but the views were still beautiful regardless. We took a little detour and got a little hike in before heading back to our Airbnb to nap before the game.

When we woke up, there really was no time left to tailgate. We had a few drinks and snacks when his friends came over to our Airbnb, but we left pretty quickly after they arrived to head to the game. Thankfully the place that we were staying at was about a 5 minute drive from the stadium so we didn’t miss much of the game.

When it comes to football, I am absolutely clueless. I have no idea what is going on in the game but I do enjoy the exciting atmosphere. So after about 30 minutes of sitting there I was getting kind of bored. I got up to use the bathroom and ended up running into someone who asked for an iPhone charger. We just got to talking and he was telling me that he was sitting in the student section. I told him to let me join him and long story short, I made my way into the Stanford student section!

After a while, I went back to my group and we left to go to his friend’s apartment to use the jacuzzi. We hung around there until about 10PM and decided that we’d go out around Stanford. Once again, my friend and I wanted to go home early because we are grandmas/grandpas hahaha. So we left the bar, got some pizza, and went back to the Airbnb. My favorite part of going out is when I get to go home :)

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Time to head back home.

Sunday morning my friend woke up super early to meet his friend for breakfast while I got the chance to sleep in. Another friend of his came over around 10:30AM to take us to the Stanford campus. We walked around, got our steps in, and explored the museums.

When we got back to our Airbnb, we packed all of our belongings and headed to Google to visit one of his friends who works there. They spent their time at the Google gym & basketball court while I was hanging out in the cafeteria eating their free food. They had really good snacks, okay!! Typical Cindy, always eating :)


After my feast and his workout, I took some snacks for the road, and we were on our journey home. Once again, I wasn’t the one driving, so I got to sneak in a nap or two ;)

We made a pitstop in Westwood to visit his sister who attends UCLA. We hung out with her and her roommate for a bit but had to start heading back to Irvine soon after because it was getting late and I unfortunately had work the next morning.

Around 10PM, we finally made it to Orange County and I crashed. What an eventful weekend that was but I was surely so delighted to be back home.


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