Last Minute Trip To Arizona

When I say that I’m impulsive, I mean last-minute-road-trips-to-Arizona impulsive.

On Saturday, September 29th, 2018, I woke up around 8:00AM to get to work. I got invited to a music festival in San Diego for the weekend and I was debating on going after my shift was over. However as I was doing my research on that festival, I came across the Goldrush Festival in Chandler, AZ. The lineup looked amazing: Illenium, Louis the Child, and Loud Luxury all in one day, on Sunday, September 30th. Okayyy.

So I texted my friend Lemon at 8:30AM asking if she would go with me.

IMG_4567I mean I guess you could say I’m wild at times.

It took some convincing but she finally agreed. Next thing I knew, I was off of work and driving 5.5 hours to Arizona.

On the road trip we played a lot of Illenium to get hyped up for the festival the next day. This would be my first true music festival and I was absolutely stoked. I didn’t really know what to expect and was never really into the whole rave scene but I’m currently in that phase of my life where I want to try everything once.

Once we were about 4 hours into the trip, she was over the music so we switched over to the ‘Serial Killers’ podcast which was… different. Pretty fascinating and terrifying at the same time haha. I honestly could’ve stuck to Illenium for the entire car ride.

We finally reached Lemon’s sister’s house in Mesa, AZ around 10:30PM. We all hung out for about an hour and crashed soon after. I was sooo exhausted from driving the whole day. I usually opt to be the passenger for road trips, so who knew driving could be so tiring?

The next morning, I woke up extra early to go to church! I was pleased to find that they had a Hillsong in Mesa, just a four minute drive away. I’ve never been to Hillsong but a friend of mine recommended I checked it out. The sermon was pretty small and was held in the chapel because I went to the earlier 8:30AM service. Everyone was extraordinarily friendly and welcoming. The band was incredible and it actually made me feel pretty emotional, to the point where I had tears in my eyes. You could just feel the love and passion for Christ in the room.

After church, I headed back to my friend’s sister’s house to go grab brunch with them. We ended up going to Starbucks because the brunch spot we were planning to go to was booked up for an hour..

Once we finished up brunch, I headed to Urban Outfitters at ASU to get some accessories for the festival. I ended up spending some time wandering around Tempe, AZ for a bit by myself. It was such a lively little town.


When I got back to the house, we started getting ready! Partyyy!

We left around 4:00PM to make sure we would make it in time for Loud Luxury. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with their song ‘Body’ and every single one of my friends know this, so there was no way I would miss their performance. When we got to the venue, I decided to message Loud Luxury on instagram or as the kids say it these days, ‘slide into their dms’ hahaha.


I’m so upset because they responded but I had no signal in the venue so I didn’t receive the message until 1:30AM…

Regardless, their show was amazing. Still love them. (They have to hang out with me next time tho).

Ekali & Slander were up next, and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it because my friend said it was ‘head-banging’ music. And I was like what? But turns out, I like ‘head-banging’ music..? It was just so exciting to be in an environment with super fun and inviting people.

Next up was Louis the Child. Oh my goodness, when they performed ‘Better Not’, I couldn’t handle it. Incredible. It was also starting to rain, and I normally wouldn’t like it, but it just added to the overall experience. To say it was fun would be an understatement.


Then my favorite, Illenium. I had no idea how much I loved Illenium until I saw him perform live. He brought out the entire band. Drums, guitar, all of it. I’ve never danced so much in my life, it was pure bliss. I was completely lost in the moment and it felt unbelievable. Before I knew it, his set was over.

So our plan was to drive all the way back to Orange County right after the festival. Bad idea. We were both so tired, so we stopped at a rest stop and slept for a couple hours. Aftermath of dancing all day in the rain…

We blasted Illenium on the entire ride home. I was experiencing festival withdrawals as soon as I left. I’m hooked, you guys..

And guess what we did the next day? We booked tickets to another Illenium event and another festival!

Reflecting on this trip, I’m so glad I have friends who are as impulsive as me. Sometimes it’s fun to not have anything planned and to just go for it. These always end up to be the best experiences & stories to tell. So on that note, if anyone is willing to be a little spontaneous and join me on some of my impetuous adventures, you’re always more than welcome :)


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