Backpacking Diaries #3: Venice (Day One)

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

So last night when I got back from my day trip to Naples, I went to a local bakery bar called Prassede Bar near my hostel in Rome.

I was talking to the guy at the counter about ordering a detox juice and out of nowhere, 3 other guys who worked there came over to greet me. They asked about where I’m from, talked about their life growing up in southern Italy, and were just super funny.

They told me I had to try passion fruit so I asked if they had any. They said they don’t have any currently but they would buy some for me if I come tomorrow morning. And they told me to stop by everyday. How adorable! And when they say my name they pronounce it “seendy”. I love it. What can I say, I guess I love Italian boys. ;)

So I sat down with my detox juice and connected to their WiFi.


I got some blogging done, checked emails, and surfed the web for a bit. I guess I was so in the zone because one of the guys kept saying “seendy seeeeendyyyy seeeendyYyYyy” and I didn’t even notice. He was just checking to make sure everything was tasting alright and that I was doing okay. Italians are so friendly!

After finishing up here, I headed out to look for some food. I found a little pizzeria with slices for 1,20 euros. And of course, more gelato.


I headed back to the hostel to meet up with my friend after being separated all day. We were trying to figure out what we wanted to do for the next day. The problem is: we’re both the most indecisive person ever. And it doesn’t help that we’re pretty easygoing so basically anything works for us.

We finally determined at 2:30AM (I was not kidding when I said we were indecisive, it took us a couple hours to come to a decision..) that we’re going to go to Venice, Italy. We booked a hostel, then went to book our train tickets. As we were about to pay for our train tickets, the tickets sold out on GoEuro. Really? This would happen to us. Luckily we managed to find tickets directly on the Italo website.

We bought our tickets for the 6:25AM train and then were off to bed!

Thursday, November 15th, 2018.

I set 4 alarms this morning to make sure I get up in time. There was no way I was missing my train to Venice because it was a bit on the pricier side. So I woke up at 5:00AM, got ready, packed everything, and checked out of our hostel. I was trying to book another night at this hostel for Friday night when we would be coming back from Venice but they were already all booked. Greatttt. We just figured that we would deal with that hostel searching situation later. No biggie.

So we arrived at the train station at 6:05AM. I wasn’t stressing too much because I figured out the metro system yesterday to Naples so it shouldn’t be too bad today right? Wrong. There was no one there to help us, so I began to panic a bit. We couldn’t find the signs that should departure platforms or times. I began to ask locals in my broken Italian. “Miscusi, um Venice? Italo?” *points to my online ticket on my phone*

They directed us to the correct location of the train and the departure times were displayed on the big screens. However we didn’t see a 6:25AM train to Venice anywhere. We asked one of the workers and he too was confused. We asked a local and he said the train to Venice just departed, but the time on the platform said 6:15AM so that couldn’t be right..

We finally made it to a ticketing office and they said my ticket said 6:25AM because it was supposed to be departing from the other Rome Tiburtina station. Greattt. I wasn’t really stressing. Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh at this situation because this WOULD happen to us. 

Thankfully, the guy at the desk switched us onto the next train which leaves at 8:15AM. I didn’t mind just as long as we made it to Venice.

When we boarded the train, our seats were in the club executive seating. The first class of the train. Not too shabby. It’s a little private section with 4 seats.

We ended up being the only two in our little section so we had it all to ourselves. The seats were super luxurious, we both got window seats to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and they provided us with snacks!! Can it get any better! It was a 4 hour ride to Venice, but with these accommodations, I’m not complaining! 

As we were pulling up to the Venezia Santa Lucia station, we were surrounded by the ocean. The train ride was quite lovely. The view once we stepped outside of the train station though, breathtaking. Venice was so much more than I had expected it to be. The colorful buildings and the water. Oh my goodness. 

After stopping for a few pictures on the bridge, we were off to our hostel. The hostel was a bit difficult to find as it was hidden in a little alleyway with no prominent sign. 

It was very cute and cozy. We were located in the heart of Venice with a balcony overlooking the busy streets. Couldn’t have asked for a better location honestly.

The owner of the hostel was very kind as he welcomed us & explained to us the best spots to visit.

We changed quick into warmer clothing before heading out because Venice was quite a bit chillier than Rome. Around upper 50s Fahrenheit. 

We ended up walking all over Venice today. Over 25,000 steps worth of exploring Venice. We purchased a day pass for the ferry to travel the other islands but Friday would be dedicated for that. 

We went inside many churches here because Venice was full of them. The artwork & architecture of every single church was magnificently done. 

We stopped by ferini Venezia for lunch because it was packed. You know the food is good when the restaurant is filled with customers. 

We each ordered two entrees because I guess we were starving. We chose different items so we could both test out a variety of options. The food was delicious!! 

We then ordered gelato, are you even surprised?

After our feast, we continued to walk around Venice, but everything started to look the same. We would get lost and realize we were walking in circles. 

I stumbled upon a quaint clothing store where everything was 9 euros. I ended up finding a nice warm coat since Venice was a bit chillier than I had anticipated.


We continued our exploration until about 10PM. We were absolutely pooped and we could barely feel our feet at that point. 

So far, Venice has got to be my absolute favorite part of this trip so far. It’s crazy that I was initially unsure about going to Venice because the train ride was a bit on the pricier side for booking so last minute. I’m so glad my friend convinced me to go check it out because Venice has stolen my heart. I’m thinking I could live out here with a Frenchie in a cute little apartment above a gelateria sometime in the future.

Be sure to check out my Instagram for instant updates about my travels: @simplycindy

Ciao for now friends,


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