Backpacking Diaries #4: Venice (Day Two)

Friday, November 16th, 2018.

Buongiorno! So our plan for this morning was to wake up, get ready, and be out the door exploring Venice by 9am. Did that happen? Mmmm, no.

Last night before heading back to the hostel, I picked up some food to go & my friend got a bottle of wine for 2,50€. Wine is literally cheaper than water. 

We went into our hostel kitchen and ended up meeting a young couple from Canada. They were probably around 20-21 years old. They’ve been traveling for about 3 months now. Their story was so fascinating, as is everyone’s story that we’ve talked to so far. They’ve traveled to so many countries in a short span of time by purchasing the eurorail pass. Listening to their story made me wish I had someone who would be willing to travel the world with me for a long period of time. As much as I like traveling by myself so I am able to do whatever I please, I feel like it could get lonely traveling solo for so long.

But anyway we ended up talking to them for quite some time. I was getting really sleepy because we were running on only 2 hours of sleep. We went back to our room to get ready for bed. I knocked out completely. 

When morning came around, I suddenly woke up because it felt like we had overslept. Thankfully we hadn’t slept passed our checkout time but we did sleep past our goal of 9AM lol.

I woke up feeling kinda sick. I had a sore throat and my nose was stuffy. All I could think about was: man, I really take breathing for granted sometimes..

We were all checked out by 10AM, and we headed to a local food-to-go spot called Rizzo, to grab breakfast.

I got this pizza for only 1,80€ for 100g, so cheap!! It was actually way bigger than it looks in the picture.


This is my friend being attacked by pigeons because they wanted her food.

We then decided to start using our ferry day pass. We used the ferry that takes you all over Venice. It’s quite interesting that the people of Venice use this as their bus system. There are absolutely no cars in Venice, just boats. Even the ambulance and police cars are actually boats. It’s incredible. 

While floating on the ferry to our destination, we were greeted with picturesque views of Venice. The water was literally sparkling when I recorded a video. Is this place real?? I seriously could not believe that a place this beautiful could exist in real life. It’s something you’d see in movies. 

We got off the ferry to find another port that would take us to the island of Murano. 

After asking various workers at several ports, we ultimately made our way to the port that takes us to Murano. Ferry line 4.2 was the one we were looking for. The ride took about an hour or so, and it was a full ride. 

When we arrived to Murano, the first thing we saw were glass shops! Murano is known for their glass factories & figurines. Most of these places didn’t allow pictures but take my word for it: it is exceptionally beautiful. The details are meticulous. The art, divine.

While walking around the small island, we noticed that many of the shops were closed. It seemed almost like a deserted island because of how empty it was. But the stores had food displayed, it was just closed. Then we thought, maybe they were closed for lunch? It was around 2:00PM after all.. 

The houses & shops were pretty colorful but I heard the island Burano is where the most colorful homes are. That’s what it’s  known for! We didn’t get a chance to check out Burano but here are some of the homes we saw in Murano.

We continued to just peruse every single glass shop/gallery in town, looking for souvenirs &  just simply admiring the artwork.

Of course we had to make a few pit stops to take pictures of the picturesque view. The pictures really don’t do it much justice… you’d have to see it in person to really grasp it’s true beauty.

By 3:00PM, we were ready to head back to Venice to check out the da Vinci museum. Thank goodness for my friend because she was the one to figure out which stops to get off at. Without her, honestly who knows where I would’ve ended up hahaha. 

We hopped off the ferry and grabbed a quick bite to eat at a small pizzeria. We had the biggest slice of pizza for 2,20€. Seriously guys the slice was the size of my face and it was delicious.


After devouring the pizzas, we were on our merry way to the da Vinci museum. So it was 4:40PM when we arrived and guess what? They don’t allow people in after 4:30PM… great. So we weren’t able to go into the museum because we stopped to eat pizza.. lol. Of course that would happen to us. 

At this point, we were both very tired, freezing, and annoyed. We had our first little disagreement/argument at this point. Hahaha but we got over it really quickly. 

I think traveling is a great way to really get to know someone. You see how someone acts when things are amazing, when things get stressful, and when things don’t go as planned. Thankfully, we’re both very similar in the sense that we’re very easygoing travelers & when things don’t go as we had planned, we make the most of it!

We continued to walk around because our train wasn’t coming until 7PM. We just went to different tourist & souvenir shops. 

It was starting to get really cold out so we thought it’d be a good idea to just head towards the train station. 

We got to the station around 6PM so we had an hour to spare. My friend was really tired from all of the walking so she stayed at the station while I continued to walk to the streets of Venice. I wanted to get as much time with this charming city before I had to leave.

Walking the streets at night is completely different than walking the streets during the day. There are a lot of tourists and people in general, during the day. At night, it gets pretty empty. If you’re deep into Venice, the streets, especially the narrow alleyways are mostly, if not completely, empty. Towards the train station there are still a good amount of people. 

I’m writing this blog post as I’m on the train back to Rome Termini station. Currently dreaming of being back in Venice, Italy…

We’re going to arrive in Rome around 10:45PM tonight. We literally just booked our hostel while we were on the train hahaha. Super last minute.

We’ve got an early flight to catch tomorrow morning so we’ll most likely call it a night once we arrive at our hostel. 



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