Backpacking Diaries #6: Blue Lagoon

Sunday, November 18th, 2018.

I woke up at 8:30AM today, and I’m not sure why because we went to bed around 2AM last night. I knew my friend wanted to sleep in so I didn’t wake her up.

I quickly showered then headed downstairs to the local convenient store at the corner of the street. I got a gigantic bottle of water, an aloe Vera drink, and a coffee.


That combination doesn’t make sense to me either but that’s what I was craving this morning I guess. I sat outside of the store to simply enjoy the Maltese weather. It was 70 and sunny. Much better than the weather yesterday. I got some blogging done, worked on my Instagram page, and enjoyed my drinks. 


A couple came by and sat down next to me. We said our good mornings to one another and I noticed that they were drinking their Cisk beer at 9AM in the morning. I couldn’t help but giggle. Maltese people surely do know how to party! They start drinking super early. And it’s funny to see the expressions on the waiters’ faces whenever we would decline a drink, they’re always so shocked.

Around 10:00AM I headed back to the hostel to wake my friend up since we wanted to go to the blue lagoon today. The sun sets pretty early now, around 4:45PM since it’s November, so we had to get over there quick to make the most of our time. 

We were really hungry by the time she was ready so we went online to research some restaurants. A lot of restaurants don’t open until 12 in Malta so we decided to go to Cuba Cafe. Great view & great food! 

As we were waiting for our food to arrive, we decided to look up the bus times to Cerrikwa, the place we needed to go to catch the ferry to Comino Island (where the blue lagoon is located). We were shocked to see that the bus ride was going to be an hour long, and busses come every thirty minutes so we quickly ate our food and ran to the bus stop. When we got there, we waited. And waited. And waited. 

Busses kept stopping but not the 222 bus we were looking for. Finally, 20 minutes after the stated arrival time, the bus stopped to pick us up. Either the bus was super early or super late. Still confused. 

The bus was surprisingly pretty packed so we weren’t able to sit next to each other. But it was okay because I had my headphones to listen to music. The one hour bus ride didn’t feel so long when I’m able to jam out haha.

When we arrived, there were many people approaching us about tours & boat rides to Comino island and Gozo. We ended up purchasing the ticket that includes both islands. 

On the boat ride, we talked to these two people who were also from the states. We all were mesmerized by the water because it was crystal clear. You could see straight through the deep water. 

We got a free tour of the caves around the island as well, which were incredible.

We hopped off the boat at Comino island and the boat driver said it should only be a 5 minute walk to the blue lagoon.

It was definitely not a 5 minute walk. It was probably a 15 minute uphill hike… We definitely weren’t prepared because we were in our flip flops & sandals.


When we finally made it to the blue lagoon, we saw a bunch of people lying out & even a few in the water. I honestly didn’t know if I was even going to be going in the water because I wasn’t sure if it’d be cold. But seeing people in the water made me want to go swimming as well!

The two people we met on the boat ran into a group of guys they knew from when they partied at the club the night prior. Small world. We ended up leaving our stuff with theirs and went into the blue lagoon with the boys.

The water was surprisingly warm for it being November. It was initially a bit chilly but you get used to it very quickly.

You had to walk on rocks for a bit until you get into the lagoon where there was a bunch of white sand. So incredible. The water was pretty calm & steady when I first stepped foot into the lagoon. The water wasn’t that deep, it only went up to my waist. 

The waves were starting to really pick up and become really strong. One minute I was hanging out in the water & laughing with one of the guys and the next minute, we got pushed super far from the main area of the lagoon. 

He was telling me to swim under the wave, but I couldn’t really understand why he was telling me that. Turns out he was telling me to do that so the wave doesn’t push me back, but I didn’t completely hear him. 

We got pushed so far into the deep end of the lagoon that I could no longer reach the floor. As I kept trying to swim towards where everyone was, the waves kept pushing me further back. That’s when panic started to set in. The anxiety was creeping in, but I was too scared to notice that I needed to calm down. I was worried about getting too tired to stay afloat anymore, drowning, and dying. I was seriously so scared, and still kinda can’t believe that happened lol.

So thankfully another one of the guys was standing by me and I asked him to help me. He came over, told me to take his hand and held me up as he swam to the rocks towards his friend. I was freaking out trying to stay afloat and he told me to stay calm because he’s got this. That’s when I realized that I was panicking and remembered that panicking does nothing but makes things worse. As I let my fear go and let him take control, everything was fine. We made it to the rocks, and both of the guys made sure I made it back safe to my friend. I seriously owe these guys my life hahaha. It’s incredible that I literally just met them and they took care of me as if they’d known me forever. They were some of the most genuine people I’ve met. Once again, its been confirmed for me that people are truly so much better than we give them credit for.

But anyway, after that traumatic event (still traumatized), around 2:00PM, my friend and I left the group to explore the rest of Comino island.

Our boat wasn’t coming until 4PM, but we were already getting tired & hungry. So we decided to go down to where the boat picks us up to see if we could just catch a boat back to Malta & just skip Gozo. 

However our ticket says that it is valid for a trip to Gozo, so we just decided to hop on the boat to gozo & get to Malta from there.

Once we arrived at Gozo, we were both on the same page: we were hungry & ready to go back to Malta ASAP. We didn’t even end up exploring Gozo. We literally stepped foot onto Gozo then headed to buy our ferry ticket back to malta. Hahaha.

The ferry was quite nice. The ride was so smooth unlike the bumpy boat rides. 

After the ferry, we took another hour long bus ride back to our hostel. We quickly showered, then headed to eat some food before taking a nap. 

We ordered this incredible sample platter for two, and a pasta entree each. She got a rabbit ravioli dish & I ordered a white wine spaghetti. The spaghetti was a bit bland for what I’m used to, but it wasn’t bad. I added a bit of balsamic to it to add a splash of flavor haha. 

When we got back to our hostel, my friend passed out for three hours and I thought I would catch some z’s too but I ended up working on blogging. 

We decided earlier in the day that we would go out tonight since it was our last night in Malta. When 10:30PM came around, I woke her up to go out & she was sooo exhausted. I finally convinced her to go out, and we went to the same street full of clubs. 

We danced in the club in our own little corner by the wall hahaha. I honestly just like going to listen to the music & dance with my friends, not to meet guys. So it was so funny because my friend would physically block me so guys couldn’t come try to dance. It was great. But I could tell she was so tired & was being such a trooper just for me, so we left early around midnight. She’s really so awesome and selfless hahaha. 

We stopped by the convenient store quick to grab some fruit, aloe Vera drinks, random flavored milks (mango, strawberry, & banana cus why not) and water.

Once at the hostel, we hopped into our beds & off to sleep we went…


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