Backpacking Diaries #7: Malta & Rome

Monday, November 19th, 2018.

Today was the day we had to pack up our belongings & leave Malta. I initially got up at 8am because I think my body clock has just adjusted to this time zone. But I forced myself to get some more shut eye knowing that I wouldn’t get much sleep later tonight since I had an early morning flight to catch tomorrow. I slept in until 10AM (what a luxury). 

We quickly packed up our backpacks and headed upstairs to the front desk. I checked to see if the laundry I gave them yesterday was all set for us to go. She said it wouldn’t be done until 12, and although check out time was 11, we could go grab lunch, come back, & the clothes should be all set for us. 

So that’s exactly what we did. We went to grab lunch at this place called crust. It was a very cute brunch place in the heart of st Julian’s. It gave me major LA vibes with the neon signs & modern decor.

We both ordered English breakfast plates & it was extraordinary. I don’t think there was a single time I ordered food in Europe & was disappointed. Knock on wood, since I’ve still got many meals to order here still..


We took our time eating our meal because we didn’t have to be at the bus station until 12:30ish. The front desk staff told us that the bus is supposed to come at 1PM but they like to come about 20 minutes early… that makes so much sense as to why our bus wasn’t on time yesterday. It probably left long before we arrived to the bus stop, and we were early! How strange.

After our decadent breakfast, we went back to the hostel to pick up our laundry and print out our boarding passes. Not only did they wash & dry our laundry, but they folded it too! How sweet of them.

We stuffed everything in our bags and walked to the bus stop across the street. We sat down for a solid 25-30 minutes before our bus finally arrived. I guess you can’t really predict when the bus will come here in Malta hahaha. 

The bus took an hour to get to the airport, so we arrived around 2PM. Our flight left at 3:30PM so we made it with some time to spare. 

Boarding seemed to take a while because the boarding passes said they close the gate at 3:00PM but we didn’t even start boarding until 3.

When we arrived in Rome, it was freezing. Complete opposite of sunny & 70 in Malta. It was more like 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit and windy in Rome. We took the Terravision airport shuttle back to Termini station. 

We booked our hostel once we arrived at the station. Once again, very last minute haha when will we ever learn? We ended up choosing the same hostel we’ve stayed at previously because it was conveniently located right next to the station. 

We booked a mixed 10 bedroom dorm for about 10€ each. Pretty great pricing if you ask me. From this trip I’ve learned that I’m a pretty easygoing traveler. I don’t need anything fancy & I don’t need a lot of stuff. Just as long as I feel safe & the place is kept clean then I’m good to go!

We took a quick little break inside our room to rest our legs & warm up a bit. After that we headed to the store to buy water and then go eat! My friend and I have been bringing our own water bottles to restaurants because we’ve noticed that they charge a lot for water in Europe. 

Now I’m not sure why but I keep accidentally buying sparkling water instead of still? I’m confused because this time around the bottle was labeled ‘naturale’ but ended up fizzy. I don’t like sparkling water much at all to be honest and I feel like it’s not hydrating. But unfortunately that’s the one I chose, so we had to drink that with our dinner ;(

For dinner, we went big because it was our last night together in Europe. My friend ordered a special they had that included seafood pasta, second course seafood dish, roasted potatoes, & tiramisu cake. I got the hor deurves sampler platter & ravioli. It was sooo good. 

To continue with tradition, we went to get gelato together for the last time. We went to our favorite gelato place located on a corner that was tucked in an alleyway. Our hands were freezing because we were walking back to our hostels holding the gelato cups with our bare hands in what felt like 40 degree weather.


Back at the hostel, we got ready for bed. I couldn’t sleep very well that night for some reason. I think it was because I was on my phone for a long amount of time before going to bed. And I guess my mind had a lot running through it. A little bit of fear of traveling solo for real this time. A little bit of sadness that my friend won’t be by my side for the remainder of this trip. And I guess a little bit confusion because after all of this traveling, I still don’t know what I’m looking for in life. I still don’t know what I want because it feels like I want a little bit of everything but  unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way.

Part of me feels like I want to take a year off to backpack the world but is that really what I want? Another part of me wants to become a PA already, but what’s the rush? Once I’m a PA, would I even be able to take a year off to backpack? Probably not, so shouldn’t I be taking that year off now? 

It’s usually these thoughts that keep me up at night. Figuring out if I’m where I should be in life. Wondering am I behind schedule? But that’s a whole blog post in itself for another day.


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