OC Adventures: Corona del Mar, CA

I’ve been so caught up with the idea that I had to go outside of California to find excitement that I forget to appreciate everything this wonderful state that I once dreamed about, has to offer.

I’ve just recently realized that I honestly don’t have to go too far to find adventure.

This week, I decided to explore the cute little beach city of Corona del Mar, CA.

Monday afternoon after work, I convinced my friend to join me on a hike. Initially our plan was to go to Crystal Cove but since both of us were scared of the possibility of having to parallel park (lol), we decided to just stick to CDM because we knew of a parking lot there. I’m not joking when I say don’t invite me if I have to parallel park…

We started our ‘hike’ walking around a neighborhood by the beach. We were admiring all of the extraordinary homes, enjoying the fresh air, and catching up on each others’ lives.

We made our way to ‘lookout point’, which as the name suggests, has a place for you to sit, admire, and lookout at the ocean.

It was breathtaking, the view of the ocean, but we wanted to get down to the sand. Just looking at the beach wasn’t good enough, we had to experience it ;)

So we walked around in search of a way down to the ocean. We had to climb down the rocks to eventually make it to the sand. Once there, we were awestruck. To say it was beautiful would be an understatement. We were greeted with caves, mini tide pools, rock formations, and calming waves.

We stayed here for quite a while to take pictures and really soak it all in. How blessed are we to be able to experience this?

When it came time for us to go, we decided to take an alternative route back to our cars. We walked alongside PCH near the boutiques. As we were walking, something caught my eye. I saw that there was a library and if you know me at all, I absolutely love libraries. Maybe a bit too much, I don’t know. Anyway, I saw the word ‘library’ and had to go check it out.

As we walked closer to the sign I noticed that it said “Sherman Library & Gardens”.


It so happened that on the first Monday of every month, they had something called ‘community day’ where entrance was free for everyone, which meant we just had to check it out.

When we took our first step into the garden, it was as if were transported into a completely new environment. Everything was so lush and green. So different than what I was used to in California.

It was quite serene walking through the garden. My mind felt at ease; not a single thought occupied it except the thought of being fully immersed in the moment. They had the most adorable little signs that said ‘turtle crossing’ and oh the excitement I felt when I realized that they had actual live turtles on the premises. And the koi fish they had in their pond were incredibly vibrant!

It truly amazes me how not once did I notice this incredible hidden garden from the many times I’ve driven past it. I’m so happy we stumbled across this little piece of serenity.

This spontaneous hiking trip inspired me to go out & spend more time in my own little community. There’s so much to see & explore in your town alone. I realize that it’s so easy to take your city for granted because you see it & live it everyday. However, dive in a little deeper, and you’d be amazed by the little things hidden within.



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