Gratitude Journal #1

Hi friends!!

The other day, instead of worrying about the future as I oftentimes will find myself facing, I took the time to reflect on where I’m currently at in life.

I thought about the genuine people I’ve been so blessed to be surrounded by, this beautiful state I get to call home, the delicious homecooked meals my grandma always has prepared for me..

This made me recognize that by spending just a little extra time expressing gratitude for the blessings I’ve received, the worries & uneasiness started to fade away. Thinking about all of the things that I have to be thankful for helped bring my mind back into the present moment instead of being plagued with anxiety of the things that I can not control.

Sooo I wanted to start a new series of posts just to reflect on the little things that I encountered the week prior that made my day just a bit brighter.

This just helps puts things into perspective & reminds me of just how much I truly have to be grateful for! : )

Here are a few things that made me smile this past week:

  1. The lovely office staff member at my college.
    You guys, after putting this off for so long, I finally enrolled in an anatomy course at a local college for the summer! This course is almost over already, we’ve just got 5 more days!
    So every Thursday I stop by the office to grab a scantron for the weekly quiz. This last week there was a different lady that was working the office. She was so happy and bubbly! Even though I had this quiz I was dreading, I couldn’t help but smile after talking to her. Her personality and spirit certainly made my day brighter.
  2. My little sister had a long conversation with me over the phone!
    My sister just turned six last week, so I called her to wish her a happy birthday. Typically when I call my family, I talk to my parents for most of the call and my sister would just say a quick hello because she’s too busy playing to talk to her sister, hahaha. But last week, she talked to me about her new bike, how much she loves her camp, and what her plans were for her birthday.
    It made me so happy that she’s starting to understand & open up more. Ugh, I need to book a flight back to Minnesota soon. I miss her so much.
  3.  The woman at the local Vietnamese sandwich shop.
    There’s this local Vietnamese sandwich shop that is literally down the street from my house. Needless to say, I’m there at least once a week. It’s also open 24 hours a week.. Dangerous!!
    Last week after a long day of work & class, I stopped by to grab some food! Despite it being so late & busy, the lady that was working the register was so kind and lively. Talking to her made me forget about how tired I was that day. She absolutely made my night with her cheerful spirit. I couldn’t help but feel the same energy she was giving off.
  4. Having a conversation with my grandparents.
    I stop by my grandparents’ place about once a week or so. They always have incredible food prepared with love for me.
    When I come to visit, my grandpa is usually playing cards with his friends so we don’t get to talk much. I’ll usually hang out with my grandma for a bit and take her to run errands. However, this week, I decided to swing by on a Monday afternoon before class when he wasn’t preoccupied with friends. We spent some time talking about Vietnam, food, friends, and ya know, life.. The afternoon was filled with great conversations, good food, and laughs.

So friends, these are just a few things that I’m grateful to have experienced last week. What are some things that you’ve encountered in the past week that has put a smile on your face?


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