Gratitude Journal #2

Hello friends!!

Can you believe it’s the first day of August? Where has the entire summer gone? Someone please let me know.

This past week has been a little harder than usual. I’ve noticed a bit more of anxiety once again over the future and I noticed myself worrying about things that I shouldn’t even give a second thought about.

I found myself once again consumed with the thought of what my purpose is & what I want to do for the rest of my life.

These thoughts undoubtedly caused some sleepless nights the past few days. But let’s not dwell on the challenges. As my mother always says “it’s just a bump in the road…”

Here’s the list of things that made me happy this week:

  1. The long phone call with my dad.
    If you checked out my blog post about the letter to my dad, you would understand just how incredibly much this man means to me.
    The other day, I thought about my dad & noticed that I hadn’t spoken to him in over a week! Ummm that’s unacceptable hahaha.
    I decided to give him a call as I was driving up to Los Angeles. The funny thing was he was in the car driving home as well.
    He always asks to see how I’m doing, if I’m being healthy, & treating myself okay. He reminds me that if I need anything at all to please let him know.
    We talked about how I tried playing ping pong for the first time, how I underestimated the difficulty of it & how it reminded me of him because that was just one of the things that he was unbelievably talented at.
    He informs me about his day and what he’s been up to. Eventually, he makes it home to my mom, my sister, and my dog Sushii. I spoke to my mom & sister (& of course, I said hello to my boy, Sushii) briefly before they get ready for dinner. Ugh how I miss them so much.
  2. It’s my last day of summer class!
    Wow, I remember the day when this class first started as if it was yesterday. Oh how I was dreading it because I didn’t want to waste my summer. Now here we are. The last day.
    This was a night class so I would have to be there from 6-10PM. I’m so happy to have my nights free. (Well for a while, because I might be taking another night course soon, but let’s not worry about the future). This gets me so excited because I’ll be able to spend time with my friends during the week!
  3. My grandparents prepared my favorite soup for me.
    A few weeks ago my grandma made this delicious soup with fish, pineapple, and tomatoes. To be completely honest, I probably devoured the entire pot. She took notice, as she always does, to how much I enjoyed the soup.
    I headed over to my grandparents the other day and when I opened up the fridge, I spotted not one, not two, but three containers of my favorite soup! My grandma is seriously such an angel. I truly do need to show my appreciation more.
  4. My landlord is the sweetest lady.
    I’m renting a room from the most genuine Vietnamese family. I remember the first day I moved in, I didn’t even have a bed yet but I had to get away from my previous living situation so bad that it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t mind sleeping on the floor. The entire time I was slowly moving my things into my room, my landlord was so worried about me. She asked if I needed any blankets or a heater because it would be cold. I’ve also received texts from her asking if I’d like any food because they had a lot left over.
    We don’t actually see each other often due to our differing schedules therefore we don’t talk much. However, whenever I do run into her, she’s always greeting me with the biggest smile. This week, I’m just extra grateful for this woman.

Well friends, these are once again, just a few things that made my week better. Though this past week was a bit rougher that usual, these things remind me that there are sooo many things for me to be grateful for. How blessed am I!

Writing a gratitude journal has certainly helped me with learning to spend less energy worrying & instead using that time towards being thankful for the things I have in this present moment. I highly encourage you try it out, what’s there to lose, am I right? :)

Have a great week, friends!



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