Gratitude Journal #5

Hey friends!!

I’m currently back home in Minnesota and my heart is so incredibly full knowing that I’m surrounded by my loved ones. I haven’t been back since January so it’s been a while since I came to visit. When I first moved to California two years ago, I visited MN about 8 times that first year, haha. Being back in this cold made me appreciate California that much more..

Here’s a list of just a few things that I’m grateful for today:

  1. My warm winter jacket!
    The weather here is about 30 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Now that’s not super cold when you’re talking about Minnesota, but for a girl who has quickly acclimated to the California sunshine, this is cooooold. I’m very thankful for my parka because it feels like a warm hug every time I step foot outdoors in this tundra.
  2. Being able to call California home.
    Just a few days ago it was 80 degrees back in Orange County. In October!! Wow do I feel extra blessed to be able to go back to some California sun.
  3. My family.
    Words can not even begin to express how thankful I am for my parents, my sister, & my dog. Although this trip was way too short, I’m still so grateful to be able to have this time to spend with them. Super duper blessed to be able to share home-cooked dinners & to spend quality family time.
  4. My sister.
    She came downstairs to wake me up about 10 times this morning. After several failed attempts of trying to wake me up by hitting me, she brought down a chocolate chip waffle, which woke me up instantly. She knows me so well :’) I’m so grateful to have a little sister. Though we have quite an age gap, it’s nonetheless one of the coolest experiences to be a big sister. And she’s the best little sister I could ever ask for. I mean hey, she brings me chocolate chip waffles!!

What are a few things that you feel extra grateful for today?


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