Japan Diaries #1: Goodbye Los Angeles

Monday, August 5th, 2019

I slept over at my friends’ house in Los Angeles last night so my friend could drive me to the airport today.

Well we also had a sleepover so we could all watch the final episode of Euphoria on HBO. Ugh such a great show. But guess who fell asleep midway through… : )

My flight was at 12:45pm so I woke up around 8:00am to get ready. My friend couldn’t take me to the airport anymore because he was running late for work. He ended up getting me an Uber instead, which was really nice of him.

As I’m sitting in the Uber, I’m excited but it hasn’t fully hit me that I’m about to be in Tokyo.

At the airport I immediately head to TSA because I only have one carry-on & a backpack. I like to pack light for trips because I don’t necessarily enjoy the process of checking a bag. It gives me anxiety thinking they could lose my bag & I just don’t like the hassle of waiting for it at the baggage claim.

The security checkpoint went by super quick which I was surprised about. It took maybe 10 minutes tops. For some reason I always anticipate it to take at least an hour.. I guess it’s because the MSP airport always seems to take that long.

I made it through security way faster than expected so I ordered an iced coffee from one of the coffee shops & perused the airport in search of an outlet to charge my phone. This task was much harder than it should’ve been. Can’t believe the lack of outlets at the LAX airport.

I expected the boarding to be very time consuming so I waited last minute to go to my gate. By the time I arrived at my gate, they were doing final call for boarding!! I quickly scurried over and was on my merry way to the plane.

I got a window seat of course. I made myself cozy in my seat and instantly felt my eyes slowly closing.

I awoke hoping that several hours had gone by but it so seemed that only one hour has passed.

For the next 8 hours I had to find ways to keep myself entertained.

I watched a few movies and TV shows on the little tv that American Airlines has. It was so high tech I was impressed.

Even the windows were pretty snazzy with the new automatic window dimmer(?).

They brought out two meals which made me a happy camper. I love airplane food.

After a few hours of watching movies and tv shows, I tried listening to music & podcasts, but at this point I was getting a bit antsy from sitting so long.

I couldn’t wait to get off the plane.

I kept checking the American Airlines app in hopes of an update on how much time was remaining.

Finally, the pilot came on the intercom announcing that we would be landing in 30 minutes. I look out the window and in the distance, you can start to see japan!!

Now I really began to feel the excitement building.

When we landed, I didn’t really know what to expect stepping off of that plane.

We landed around 4pm (japan time) which was an hour earlier than expected.

I wandered around the airport to look for a bathroom. You guys, the Japanese toilets here are something else. There’s so many buttons & options!! I was confused, buttttt intrigued.

I head on over to customs and similar to my TSA experience, it was a breeze. I was then sent on my way.

As I took my first steps through the doors past customs, it finally hit me. I’m in Japan!


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