I’m Sorry I Take You For Granted

Good morning friends!!

Sooo I saw this meme the other day and I thought I should share. Made me giggle a bit & maybe it’ll do the same for you:


It wasn’t until the past couple weeks that I’ve had a single thought of what it means to be healthy. It wasn’t until I had this cold that lingered for what seemed like months, this headache that was impossible to ignore, this intense pain in my sides that was accentuated each & every time I laughed, coughed, or danced.

As I have learned from my wise 23 years of life (kidding, not wise, just old 😉), this idea of taking things for granted can be applied to all aspects of life.

Whether it be the people in your life, or the health that you’ve been so blessed to have, why is it that we don’t fully appreciate things until we can no longer call it our own?

I feel like we get so accustomed to having it that we forget to take the time to be grateful for it. We go about your day & just assume that it’ll always be there as it usually is. But as I’ve come to find out, this isn’t always the way it plays out.

You guys, I’m so blessed to be able to be within reach of my grandparents with just a quick 5 minute drive. But due to the easy accessibility, I find myself oftentimes taking it for granted. I get so caught up in the rush of life that I forget to stop & think that this isn’t always going to be the case.

I stopped by the other day to visit my grandparents. They weren’t home this time around and it made me start to think about how much I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

The disappointing thing is that I don’t think it will fully hit me until it actually happens.

Friends are another thing that I feel like I once took for granted. Back in high school & early college, when I would get into fights with friends, I would completely cut them out of my life. I think this stemmed from pride issues. I’d rather lose my friends than apologize.

It’s unfortunate to say but it wasn’t until I no longer had those friends & when it was too late that I truly appreciated them.

I try to view these experiences as lessons to use for future relationships with others.

Now that I’m older I realize the significance & value of human connections. And if I really think about it now, how ridiculous it was that I would rather lose my relationships than lose face.

So friends, learn from my many mistakes..

First, start a gratitude journal. I don’t think you fully grasp just how much there is to be grateful for. Take the time to say thanks for the health you so graciously have, let your friends know just how much you appreciate them, hold your loved ones just a little tighter.

I’m so thankful for you!!!


5 thoughts on “I’m Sorry I Take You For Granted

  1. Yes! I told my kids today that every sunday until thanksgiving I’ll make them say something they are thankful for. in the spirit of the season and all that.
    Hope you feel much better soon! xo

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  2. Very nice post! 23 is not old at all, lol! And yes you are blessed to be so close to your grandparents. Mine passed away years ago and I never met my maternal grandmother. We often take things for granted without realizing it until it’s to late. Great post ❤🦋😘

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