Commit To Something

Hi friends!!

The other day I was perusing through Facebook because I ran out of things to look at on Instagram.. (Oh, millennial problems… Or is it considered Gen Z probs?)

Anyway, I stumbled upon a video of a Harvard graduate discussing the problem with having too many options and also, the value of commitment.

He begins by explaining a theoretical night of coming home from an exhausting day of work and turning on Netflix. You scroll, and scroll, and scroll some more trying to find that perfect movie to watch. However the scrolling continues endlessly because you just can not decide for the life of you, what you want to watch tonight. So after about 30 minutes of this search, you get tired, give up, and just go to bed.

Sound familiar? Hiiiiii, yes, I can relate. (Of course, I’ll just end up putting a random show on just for background noise to fall asleep to. Probably New Girl. But I digress..)

He discusses the issue with having too many options.
Our generation likes to keep our options open in case we lose interest in what we currently have. Perhaps there’s something better out there? Or what happens when you become bored?

However, the more he has found himself ‘keeping his options open’ the less satisfied he is with the new option each time.

He explains that he finds himself no longer excited by the novelty. Instead, he gravitates towards those nights spent with friends that he had made commitments to.

He spoke about the value of commitment.

Just the other day my coworker decided to look through UberEats to order some lunch. She commented on the fact that the options were never-ending; she didn’t know what to order. So what’d she end up doing?
After 20 minutes of searching for the perfect lunch, she ended up just going to the starbucks down the street instead of ordering on the app.

That’s the problem with having too many options. With all of these different options, you don’t know what it is you want.

It so seems that this issue has started to dim the beauty of simplicity.

Moral of the story is this: plant seeds, whether it be a relationship or your friendships. What I mean by this is, invest time into it, commit to it. Watch it grow.

The speaker discusses how he found himself the happiest on those simple Tuesday nights spent with the people that he made a commitment to. The friendships that blossomed because he decided to invest his time into.

Believe me, it’s not something that comes easy for me. I’ve always considered myself that free-spirit, ready to move/leave whenever I get the chance. No strings attached. Doing my own thing, not being tied down. Running away as soon as I see any glimpse of the possibility of commitment.

But at the end of the day, these empty relationships fade & you’re left feeling alone because it was all superficial. There was no deeper bond, trust, or solid foundation of friendship.


4 thoughts on “Commit To Something

  1. My God, you are absurdly good looking.
    Anyways, may this new year shape our character with more discipline and commitment, so we are not daunted by the many options around us.
    Happy Christmas Cindy, you beautiful beautiful woman🎄

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  2. This is a great post and so true! There’s so many options that it becomes hard to make decisions. This reminded that I should make my life easier by committing to things 💞

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