Keep It Simple

Hey friends,

As this year comes to an end, I find myself desiring a completely fresh start for the year 2020. I plan on focusing on my own personal growth and in order to do so, I need to declutter & get rid of the mess that distracts/deters me from my goal. Thus, the theme for the New Year will be to keep things simple.

Here are some ways in which I intend to do so:

  1. Personal Space (Room/Car/Workspace)
    You guys, I may have the messiest car that ever existed. My friends can attest to this. It’s so bad, I have to apologize every single time my friend steps foot in there (or tries to). But hey, you know that I’ll always have a Tobasco hot sauce ready for you in my car if you happen to ever need some.
    My irrational thought process is this: I never know when I’m going to need a nice dress, 5 different pairs of sneakers, hot sauce, 2 pairs of headphones, 6 bikinis (remember, I live in California, so this one makes sense), some high heels that I haven’t worn for over 7 months, or my 3 pairs of sunglasses. You get the point.. But I’ve noticed that when my personal space is messy, I feel overwhelmed & almost anxious?
    Since I’ve now acknowledged that this is the root of some of the anxiety I experience, why not tidy up? I’m going to work on keeping my personal space clean with only the true necessities. Leave the extra clothes at home Cindy, you’ll survive. (Sorry friends, but we’ll have to stop at the store if you need Tobasco sauce from now on..)
  2. Social Media
    For the longest time I felt obligated to follow certain people on Instagram/Facebook either because we were once acquaintances in high school or simply because they’re following me. My reasoning was that I didn’t want them to be mad at me or I felt like I just had to.
    Recently, I was going through my feed and noticed many posts that were just irrelevant to my life now. I just didn’t care for some of the posts I was seeing on my feed, & honestly, I was fed up with feeling obliged to following them.
    I finally went through the list of people I followed and started decluttering. It feels great actually, to only follow people that I truly want to see & the accounts that inspire me, not those that I just felt obligated to follow. This is a step in not worrying too much about what people think, which if you guys know me at all, is a pretty big obstacle that I’m still trying to overcome.
  3. Photos
    I get a notification at least once a day that my iCloud storage is completely full. The cause? I’m a photo hoarder y’all. I still have photos from my iPhone 4 back in 2012. The problem with this is I rarely, if ever, take time to even have a glimpse at these photos, so why have I been clinging on to them? I’ve slowly but surely been decluttering my iPhotos. I started at around 10k photos; currently at 4k. But hey, progress is still progress, right? (Stop holding on to the past, Cindy!! It’s time to start fresh and make new memories.)
  4. People
    Not only am I a photo hoarder, but I’m a people hoarder too. Hahaha, okay not really, but it may seem like it at times. What I mean by this is that I sometimes hold onto the wrong people just because of the ‘history’ we’ve had. As I leave 2019 behind, I want to leave with it the people who don’t positively influence my life.
    I feel so blessed to say that I now sincerely have an amazing social support network. These people enhance my life and help me through the rough patches. They’ve helped me realize what it means to be surrounded by genuine people who truly have your best interest at heart. My social circle is small, and I intend to keep it that way for the year 2020, because I value quality over quantity. (And for an introvert like me, having a small social circle isn’t anything to complain about anyway, so hey, it’s a win-win for me!!)
  5. Material Items
    Now I’m not saying that there’s any issue with buying items that make you feel confident, but personally, I’m going to try to stay away from always purchasing the newest trends. I won’t delve too deeply into this, but I’ve come across articles on the human rights violations & negative environmental effects of ‘fast fashion’, and I don’t want to be playing a role in it. For the year 2020, I’m going to work on investing in quality items that I can wear time and time again.
  6. Mind
    And finally, the one that’s going to be the most difficult: decluttering my thoughts.
    Someone once told me a metaphor on how they viewed the thoughts that cross their mind. They picture their thoughts as baskets that float down a river. Similar to the many thoughts that are in your head, there are numerous baskets that float down the river. Some baskets hold the good thoughts, other baskets hold the bad/anxious thoughts. They told me that you’ll always notice both the good & bad thoughts floating across, but it’s up to you whether you decide to open those ‘baskets’. So essentially, you get to pick & choose which thoughts you want to focus your energy on.
    Believe me, that’s way easier said than done. Especially since I’ve noticed a significant spike in my anxious thoughts in this past year. However, ever since hearing this metaphor, I want to really put effort into noticing those anxious ‘baskets’ and instead of opening it, letting it float on.
    I plan to spend more time & energy on things that help with my mental state. Perhaps meditation? Spending more time at the beach or in nature?

Writing this post certainly put things into perspective for me. Whether it be certain people in my life, worrying about keeping up with the latest trends, or even something as simple as a messy car, I don’t think I fully grasped just how many things in my life were acting as a distraction from where I wanted to be. I’m hoping that from decluttering I can now focus my energy and time on my own personal development & on the things that truly matter.

In what ways do you think that ‘keeping it simple’ will positively impact you?

Cheers to 2020, friends!

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