Cabo San Lucas Diaries #1

Friday January 31st, 2020

My flight from LAX to Cabo San Lucas was initially scheduled for 12:00PM. I even got there extra early to make sure I’d have enough time to get through security & settle in (a trait I inherited from my dad – feeling the need to be at the airport at least 2 hours early, haha).


After arriving at my designated gate, there was an announcement that my flight was delayed an entire hour. To be completely honest, delays don’t typically bother me all that much, however this time, I was supposed to be landing in Cabos at the same time as my parents, so this delay just through our schedule off track. I just felt bad that they had to stay at the airport an extra hour because of me.

The flight to Cabos was completely booked but I still managed to get an aisle seat. I’d prefer a window seat, but hey, as long as it’s not a middle seat, I’m fineee. I ended up sleeping most of the 2.5 hour flight, so I landed in Mexico in no time.

I quickly filled out my paperwork, hurried on through customs, and saw my parents & sister waiting on the other side! I gave them all the biggest hug. It’s been a few months since I’ve last seen them.

We didn’t have to worry about finding a ride because the resort we stayed at provided us with our own personal transportation to and from the airport.

We stayed at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, Los Cabos, which was located in the middle of Downtown Cabo San Lucas & San Jose Del Cabo (where the airport is located).

Upon arrival, the staff greeted us with friendly smiles & champagne! My parents went through the check-in process as my sister and I hung out in the lobby.

It was about 6:00PM when we finally settled into our room. Unfortunately we didn’t have the day to hang out by the pool since it was so late, but we were able to go to one of the restaurants downstairs.

One of the staff members provided us with a list of restaurants and we decided on Blanca Blue, which was Mexican cuisine, for dinner.


You guys, the photos truly don’t do it justice but take my word for it when I say the presentation of the food in person, was beyond incredible. The food itself however, was a bit too salty for our liking.

We ordered an assortment of dishes which included octopus tacos, fish tacos, beet salad, and a shrimp salad.


Although the food wasn’t up to par, the ambience of the place was quite nice. And the company, even better!!!

By the time we finished dinner, we were all pretty tired from the day spent traveling, so we just decided to head on up to our room to get ready for bed.


After all, we had to rest up for our first true day in Cabo by the pool tomorrow!


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