Cabo San Lucas Diaries #3

Sunday February 2nd, 2020

Remember how in my previous Cabo Diaries I stated that I ordered a seared ahi tuna salad every day? Yeah, I ended up ordering that for breakfast this morning alongside some egg whites. My parents and sister ordered some French toast, pancakes, & eggs. The french toast was amazing.

After our breakfast we were trying to freshen up & get ready for the day. However, the water wouldn’t warm up. We’ve been experiencing issues with cold water in our room for the past two days, so my parents were finally fed up by day 3. I joked with my mom that we should be moved to a penthouse because of this issue.

For the third time, my parents tried calling for maintenance to come fix it. The resort eventually let my parents speak to the manager at the hotel. I hear my mom laughing as she got off of the phone, and guess what happened.. She said they were moving us to the penthouse, the best room they had at the hotel as an apology for the inconvenience. You guys, I spoke it into existence, haha.

They had to get the room ready so they also let us use the spa to enjoy and freshen up there as well. Say no more!! I couldn’t be happier. How blessed were we.

After the relaxing morning at the spa, we go back to our room to pack our things and move into the new suite.

The penthouse was insane. It’s 3 bedrooms, sleeps 8 people, and is 4200 square feet. What… We literally got lost inside when we first arrived. The balcony wrapped around the room and we had our own personal jacuzzi. The dining room was beautiful, and the kitchen is something from my dreams. I was too busy recording videos of it for Instagram that I totally forgot to take more photos.

From that point on, I never wanted to leave the suite. Why would I need to leave? I could’ve been happy spending the entire time in there if I’m being completely honest. Add in room service, & I was set!! My inner introvert was jumping with joy.

My family however, loved the pools, so we did end up going down after we settled into our new suite.

Since there were 8 pools at this resort, we chose to check out a different pool today. We called this the ‘tank pool’ because theres a see-through glass that makes it look like a fish tank. This pool in particular was a lot warmer than the others, which was nice on this cloudy day.

Can you take a wild guess on what I ordered for lunch? Yup, more seared ahi.


After lunch, we go up to the suite (my new happy place). My family hung out in the jacuzzi while I relaxed on the hammock. Wow, what a life. Can I just do this forever?


We get ready & dressed up to go to the Hiroshi, Japanese restaurant, downstairs. My parents really enjoyed this restaurant the night before & since I didn’t get to eat here last night, we decided on this place.

The selection on the menu seemed endless. I almost felt like I was back in Japan a bit.


I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I ordered more seared ahi for dinner. This can’t be healthy right… Oh well, I nonetheless enjoyed it way more than I should.

My parents were right, the food there was delicious. Way better than the restaurant we went to the first night. By the end of dinner, I was stuffed. A wave of sleepiness overcame us & we all head up to our room. In no time at all, we were all sound asleep.


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