Cabo San Lucas Diaries #4

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Finally, a sunny day in paradise! We’ve been experiencing nothing but gloomy weather the past couple of days, so you can just imagine the excitement we had when the sun decided to finally peek out.

We all woke up around 7:30AM today. As my mom ordered room service for us, I decided to get a quick workout in while they prepare our breakfast.

The gym facility here was incredible. They had everything you could possibly need. Except my stair master :( But it’s okay, I managed by taking the stairs at the resort instead of the elevator.

By the time I reached our suite, the breakfast was being set up for us on our new marble dining table. Since it was our last day of the all-inclusive package, we decided to either go big or go home. And let me tell ya, we went biggggg. We ordered French toast, pancakes the size of my sister’s face, egg whites, fruit, oatmeal, yogurt parfait, green juice, and of course, my seared ahi salad. Could I get anymore predictable?

After we devoured our breakfast with no problem at all, we all got ready, took a bunch of photos of our new suite that we were all frankly, quite obsessed with, and then head on down to the pool to enjoy the sunshine!


We ordered some food by the pool as a pre-lunch or lunch #1, hahaha. Hey, it was our last day of all-inclusive, so I’m going to eat as much as I possibly could to make it worth it!! We ordered a veggie wrap with fries, chicken strips, and tuna tartar. And seared ahi, but you already know the deal.

Then for lunch #2, once we were all super hungry again after a long day out in the sun, we went to the Mexican restaurant at the hotel.

My sister ordered the prettiest Mac n cheese I have ever seen, I got a tuna steak, my dad ordered a fish dish, and my mom ordered shrimp. The presentation of the food, once again, was sooo beautiful. Even the tea bag was so adorable!!

After lunch, my sister went to the Kid’s Club while my parents & I checked out the rooftop infinity pool. It was really, quite an insane sight to see. Photos and videos just don’t do it justice.

I went back to our suite to tan in private because I’m not kidding, I loved it so much that I would rather be spending time there than at the pools.


We were all supposed to go out for dinner but I tried to take a little nap before which ended up with me just sleeping through the night. So essentially, I had sleep for dinner this night. But hey, I did have two big lunches to make up for it.



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