Gratitude Journal #6

Hi Friends,

With everything going on with the precariousness of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not surprising to find yourself with constant worry and anguish. I know that for me, when I’m scrolling through news article after news article concerning the COVID-19 virus, it certainly becomes unsettling. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed with all of the bad news, I try to remind myself that despite everything that’s going on right now, there are still a bunch of things to be grateful for.

  1. I’m grateful to have this time with my family.
    It’s really funny to me how things work out. I remember saying that I wanted to be able to take a month or two to spend time with my family, and now here we are. Did I speak this into existence?? We get to take walks together. My sister and I are able to watch movies, play with her toys, do fun exercise videos.
  2. I’m grateful for the trail in my neighborhood.
    I’m so thankful to be able to step out of the house & take a daily walk immersed in nature. I find it quite peaceful and good for the soul to be able to get some fresh air.
  3. I’m grateful for the libraries that are still open here.
    I was so bummed that I forgot to get some books before the stay-at-home order because I wanted to start reading for fun again. I somehow stumbled upon a post that said the libraries in town were still open for curbside pick-up. As soon as I heard that, I borrowed about 6 books and have already finished one!
  4. I’m grateful for FaceTime and Netflix party.
    It’s hard to be away from friends and loved ones during this time. I’m so glad there are apps/websites such as FaceTime & Netflix party to keep us all feeling a bit more connected. Some fun shows to watch on Netflix party: Money Heist, Ozark, New Girl, Bojack Horseman, etc.

I know these times can be frightening especially when you can’t predict what’s going to happen next. I urge you to try and look on the bright side. Try to find some positives that come from these testing experiences. That’s what helps me as I await to find the light at the end of this tunnel.


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