The One Who Cares The Least

Hi Friends,

A while back I went to dinner with this boy from France. He had been living in Los Angeles for several years now but grew up in France and still carried with him the French accent.

We went to this cute little French restaurant next to the water in Orange County because I told him I have yet to try French cuisine.

The food was incredibly delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation we had.

We got to discussing about our previous relationships, life out in California, the state of the world, and love.

He asked me if I’ve ever been in love. I told him “I really don’t think I have, because had I experienced it, I’d have known for certain, right?”

The way his eyes lit up when he talked about love made me want to experience it myself. He was so excited and unapologetic about how he feels about love.

It reminded me of the time when I went to Europe and saw it firsthand that the people there love to love. And most importantly, they weren’t afraid to show it.

This got me thinking..

Why is it that in our culture today, it is almost a competition to see which one in the relationship can care the least? Why are we so afraid to put our feelings on the table? To express just how much we love the other?

Is it due to the fear that this vigorous feeling will not be reciprocated? Or perhaps we fear that we will be perceived as weak?

But why is it that we consider it weak to be transparent enough to lay everything on the table? If you truly think about it: since many people are indeed too fearful to open up, isn’t the act of embracing your vulnerability ultimately a sign of strength?

Or maybe we keep our guard up and never allow ourselves to feel in the first place?

Just food for thought..

All I know is that I’m grateful for this dinner experience. I’m glad I was able to view love and relationships from a different perspective.

This is what I love about going on dates or even just meeting people. You broaden your outlook on life. It makes you think deeper and you end up gaining so much from others.

This experience inspired me to allow myself to let my walls down, to feel emotions, and finally, to express them.



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