Gratitude Journal #9

Hi Friends!!

I hope you’re all safe and healthy!! Here are a few things I’m extra grateful for this week:

  1. I’m grateful for the Sam’s Club membership my parents gave me.
    I’m so grateful my parents gifted me a membership so that I’m able to buy things in bulk, which means less trips to the store. Hearing that would make my dad happy because to him, the less I leave the house during this pandemic, the better.
  2. I’m grateful for the program California instilled to provide the elderly with food.
    I’m thankful for this program because I know that my grandparents are being taken care of during this pandemic if I’m ever unable to bring groceries over. I’m so incredibly thankful that California is taking care of the elderly community.
  3. I’m grateful that parks and outdoor places are still open here in California.
    I took a walk around Echo Lake in Echo Park today and it really made me appreciate the little things. It just felt so nice to leave the house to get some fresh air and to get my steps in. Being cooped up in the house all day can be disheartening so I’m glad that parks and lakes are still open for us to check out.
  4. I’m grateful for the times I’ve been able to go for a run.
    You guys, I really took for granted being able to run. It wasn’t until I was no longer able to run that I realized just how much I took it for granted. I think I have a muscle strain or some sort of injury because there’s a pain in my leg every time I do so. I’m resting my leg now and letting it heal, but in the meantime, it’s made me so grateful for the times when I was able to run and look forward to the next time I’m able to do so. After this experience, I will no longer take running for granted, that’s for sure.

What are you grateful for this week?


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